Nokia to sell off security appliances business, concentrate on consumers

After nearly two years of struggling in that front, Nokia has decided to sell off its security appliances business to an unnamed financial investor to focus their work on the consumer market.

Nokia will allocate more of its time on the development and sales of corporate phones while leaving business segment bigwigs such as Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco to take care of the business software side of things.

The sale of Nokia’s security appliances business has not been completed, but Nokia’s head of services and software business, Niklas Savander, says he expects to close the sale “within a few weeks.”

Likewise, the price of the sale has not been specified, but the EVP of software and business seems optimistic about it. When the sale closes and it finally has more time on its hands to focus on the consumer soon, hopefully, Nokia comes out with something to show for it.

Via Reuters

Author: David Gonzales

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