Samsung channeled iPhone launch envy towards Anycall Haptic 2 launch event

The launch events for both models of the Apple iPhone are no doubt among the best ones in the history of the industry. People lined up for hours on end just to be among the first to own this new and admittedly sexy piece of technology. Everybody seemed happy about it, except for 1) The people who were in line for more than several hours at a time and 2) Other mobile phone makers.

With Apple making the iPhone one of the most coveted cellphones ever made, it’s hard to imagine yourself as a competitor and feel good about it. Thankfully, my imagination and yours won’t have to go very far, as Samsung shows us exactly what happens when you’re one of Apple’s competitors and don’t think the iPhone launch events were so great.

Actually, Samsung does think the iPhone launch events were great. So great, in fact, that the company thought it would be a good idea to take a page or two from Apple’s book and use it for their own launches.

And that’s exactly what they did for the Korean launch of the Samsung Haptic 2. Samsung prepared for the launch carefully, limiting the number of Haptic 2 units to be sold and getting a popular idol group for an autographed CD distribution session. What’s more, the Haptic 2 was to sold only at a single venue and nowhere else, forcing people who were interested in it to flock on over to that special somewhere.

The outcome was inevitable. Samsung only prepared 2,100 units of the Haptic 2 for day one. It’s not certain whether the limited number of units to be sold caused it or not but it is said that people started lining up for the Haptic 2 at least 17 hours before the official launch actually even begun. And it ended in a sell-out in just 2 and a half hours.

Samsung was happy about it, of course, saying, “Cell phone stores and consumers keep calling to order Haptic 2 and the number of customers who made an advance order passed 2,000 in 3 days after the launch.” That’s fine, but don’t you think that’s a bit like cheating, Samsung? It’s actually just like laughing at one’s own joke. Well, whatever floats your boat.

Via Telecoms Korea

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  • Katie

    How can we order Haptic in Singapore?