Nokia to acquire Canada’s Oz Communications

Christmas is early for Canadian company Oz Communications this year, as Nokia has announced its plans to buy the company for a still undisclosed amount. Apparently, Nokia got “attracted by the [Oz Communications’] technology that lets handset users tap into familiar computing programs from Microsoft Corp., Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc.”

Though Nokia didn’t reveal exactly how much money will be involved in the deal, they did say they expect it to be completed before this year ends. Nokia aims to use the technology of Oz Communications to “give consumers access to instant messaging services and e-mails through their mobile devices.”

Currently, Oz Communications has about 220 employees and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, where it has built relationships with other companies such as AT&T Inc., France Telecom’s Orange and Deutsche Telekom AG’s T-Mobile. Nokia competitors Samsung Electronics Co., Sony Ericsson and Motorola Inc. are also among Oz Communications’ clients.

Via AP

Author: David Gonzales

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