Samsung u430 outed by Verizon

Generally, Samsung clamshells are no Motorola RAZRs, but RAZRs have lost their luster anyway, and Samsung’s are at least half a bit more functional. Just take the recently launched Samsung u430 for Verizon, for example. It may not look pretty, and a little bit boring, as a matter of fact, but all of that should be washed away once you learn what it can do for you.

No, it won’t massage your tired little feet. But it can do quite a number of things that you just might need from a clamshell like it. Also, it shouldn’t be too harmful to your wallet.

Among the Samsung u430’s features are VZ Navigator Location Based Services including “turn by turn instructions” and Bluetooth wireless technology for pairing headsets. It’s only got a 160 x 128 internal LCD display, but that should be enough to display the photos you’ll take with its built-in VGA camera anyway.

Going back to the part where I mentioned it won’t be harmful to your wallet, it really won’t. Not at all, actually. It’s going to be offered free with a contract. Who would’ve thought?

Author: David Gonzales

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