Sony Ericsson Rika in red, new leaked images confirm the Walkman phone

Sony Ericsson fans, a red surprise is coming towards you. An unannounced Walkman phone, codenamed Sony Ericsson Rika, has been spotted in the wild, in a good-looking red color. Another silver edition of the handset is said to exist too, and SE might come with even more colors for the new Walkman phone. I can already see fashion-loving mobile users having a hard time deciding which one of them to buy.   

Sony Ericsson Rika is said to be the music-oriented version of G705, the slider announced by the Swedish-Japanese company earlier in September.

The pictures with the red Sony Ericsson Rika have first appeared on the Thai forum of SE Club, but it looks like they have been removed from there. Anyway, here they are: 

The specs of Rika are not known, so besides the fact that it comes with a decent-sized display, a photo camera and a video-call camera, we can’t say too much about it.

Sony Ericsson will probably present the phone in the near future, so we’ll write more about Rika when this happens.  

Via Cell Phone Sail

Author: Ilinca Nita

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