Adobe’s Paul Betlem confirms Flash for iPhone is coming, but only if Apple allows it

Aside from the seemingly perpetual lack of copy/paste, MMS, and video recording on Apple’s iPhone, support for Flash content is another important and yet missing feature.

Mobile Safari may be the most advanced mobile web browser ever created to date, but its lack of support for Flash, even if the built-in YouTube player makes up for it a bit, somehow drags it down.

Fortunately, Adobe is still actively developing a Flash player for the iPhone, as confirmed by Paul Betlem, its Sr. Director of Engineering, during a live Q&A with the audience at the Flash On The Beach conference recently.

Paul Betlem wasn’t quoted, but it is said that he confirmed his team’s ongoing development of Flash for the iPhone. He noted, however, that it is still up to Apple whether the iPhone will support Flash in the end or not.

Support for Flash on the iPhone would make Mobile Safari yet more robust, and will give mobile application developers more room to explore as far as the content of their applications are concerned. One can only hope, though, that Flash for the iPhone doesn’t end up bringing users more unwanted ads than actual useful content.

Via Flash Magazine

Author: David Gonzales

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