Nokia to lower mid-range handset prices in Taiwan, rest of world soon?

Nokia may own the largest chunk of the world’s cellphone market, but apparently it isn’t enough to shield them from the problems brought about by the slowing global economy. Nokia Taiwan’s manager of client and market operations Tsung-kai Chen indicated that the impact of this phenomenon is more of a problem in the mid-range handset segment, in comparison to the low-end and high-end markets.

Regarding this issue, Cheng noted: “Low-end handsets are daily necessities and high-end handsets target consumers who are not buying handsets for necessity, and these two types of purchases are not as affected by the economy as much as the mid-range segments.”

The solution that they see fit in order to keep the mid-range handset segment rolling is to adjust their pricing “in coordination with more market promotions to stimulate consumer demand.” They are planning to do this first in Taiwan, but since the economy we’re talking about here affects all regions in the world, it’s not unlikely for Nokia to apply the same strategy elsewhere.

In any case, even if they don’t decide on applying the price drops for all Nokia markets around the world by reason of the slowing global economy, then at least the upcoming holiday season should be enough reason. So have your pockets on the ready, just in case.

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Author: David Gonzales

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