Extra-cheap Motorola phone in the making, in and for China

Motorola has built cheap phones for a long time now, whether they are from the W family or just that 9-mm thick MotoFone. And, let’s admit it, a low-cost handset has more chances to be sold in tens of thousands of units than an expensive one. 

So, it seems that Motorola wants to push the boundaries of cheapness and come up with an extra-low-cost phone in 2009. Unnamed and unpictured yet, this phone will not be built by Moto itself, but by Foxlink, a Chinese manufacturer of electronic products.

A rather odd aspect about the whole deal is that the device was, in fact, designed for Huawei, and Motorola will be getting it with minor changes.     

(this is the MotoFone, not the device to come in 2009)

It’s said that the cheap Motorola feat. Foxlink handset is targeted for the fast-growing mobile market of China, but I think it might also reach India or other countries where affordable devices are still at high value. 

Now, if only we could get an image with the phone, or at least its price… But we’ll probably have more details soon, so stay close if you’re interested.  

Via DigiTimes

Author: Ilinca Nita

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