Future Nokia Communicator could run S60 Touch

So Nokia arranged for an online webcast for S60 earlier today, and was showing different slides when the image we’ve got pictured below showed up.

Now, Nokia just made its very-first touch-based S60 handset, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, official earlier today, and the touch-based S60 handset pictured here certainly isn’t it.

Rumor has it that this is actually a full-touchscreen handset that, true to being a Nokia Communicator, opens up in a pencil-box form factor to reveal a really sweet virtual-QWERTY keyboard.

Nokia’s mum on whether this handset is real or just a concept, but this could be a great pick for Nokia’s next Communicator since they haven’t really worked much on that department for quite some time now.

Via Cellpasion

Author: David Gonzales

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