HTC Touch Cruise now upgradeable to Windows Mobile 6.1

HTC Touch Cruise, which in November will make one year since its official unveiling, can now be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1.

HTC has issued an updated ROM on its corporate website, so all owners of the handset can leave behind the WM 6.0 and bring on the 6.1 version.

“All owners” literally means all of them, as HTC is offering the upgrade regardless of the carrier you bought the Touch Cruise from. Which is cool.    


The features brought by the ROM upgrade, together with the obvious new WM 6.1 flavor, include:  

  • Improved Bluetooth functionality. Apparently there were some problems with headsets like Samsung WEP 150, Jabra JX10 and Jabra BT500. They’re fixed now.
  • The FM Radio now uses the correct output mode (headset / speaker)
  • GPS mode enhancements
  • Enhanced title bar display 
  • Default on-screen keyboard improvements
  • TomTom is now correctly shown in the home screen 
  • The TouchFLO setting is now always appearing in the handset’s Settings menu
  • Camera viewfinder now works perfectly

You can get the Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade for your Cruise from here.  

HTC Touch Cruise might not have a TouchFlo 3D UI, like the latest handsets presented by HTC, but even with its non-3D TouchFlo interface, it’s still a good device. Wi-Fi, GPS and a 3.2 autofocus camera are not features to overlook. And with Windows Mobile 6.1 on board, the Cruise can actually pas as a 2008 handset.    

Author: Ilinca Nita

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