Nokia formally introduces S60 5th Edition OS, not as Taco

Great news today for anticipating Nokia fans around the world, as Nokia officially announced the existence and future availability of its “first” touchscreen handset (as far as the mainstream market is concerned), the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. But aside from the handset, there’s something else that’s of equal, if not greater importance that’s been introduced today. And that’s the Series 60 5th Edition OS.

S60 5th Edition is the latest version of the world’s “leading, open smartphone platform, S60 on Symbian OS,” according to Nokia. It combines all the goodness in the previous releases of S60 on Symbian, and adds full support for touch input/manipulation, tactile feedback, sensors of all sorts and much, much more. Today is a great day to be a Nokia mobile application developer, and Nokia’s not skimping on giving reasons why.

Among the many things that developers will be able to take advantage in developing for Nokia’s S60 5th Edition OS are the following:

  • Enhanced display resolution support and a new Widescreen mode for new devices
  • Framework for the use of advanced sensor technology
  • Web Browser for S60 with support for Adobe Flash Lite 3
  • New touch optimized toolbars and easy access to browser and internet application options
  • Sensor framework that provides easy integration for wide range of sensors into vendor’s devices
  • New image and video editors
  • S60 Web Runtime with support for S60 Platform Services
  • Full support for touch input and tactile feedback

As for users, you can expect that new devices with the S60 5th Edition OS will be “smarter” and even more intuitive than ever, given that applications will not only work with traditional ways of input, but also with the aid of sensors galore.

Indeed, it looks like it’s a good time to be a mobile application developer for Nokia’s S60 on Symbian. The S60 5th Edition OS SDK is available for download on Forum Nokia today.

Author: David Gonzales

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