Samsung i907 Epix for AT&T leaked

We confirmed the Samsung i708 more than year ago, and gave you our Samsung i708 review a few months back, but guess what, AT&T’s going to launch in under their network real soon. And it’s been renamed as the Samsung i907 Epix.

That’s right. Though that i907 number designation might as well be one for a variation of the Samsung Omnia, it is indeed for the AT&T Epix, which we’ve got pictured for you in full detail below. It’s from AT&T, and talks about an event for the said handset on October 23rd.

What does the AT&T Epix give us? Well, Windows Mobile Professional 6.1, for starters. Then there’s UMTS/HSDPA, while its built-in GPS is still included. The device itself actually looks like it was redesigned a bit itself, judging from the cleaner appearance. Other than that it should be pretty much the same handset.

It’s said that the AT&T Epix will launch at about the same time as the AT&T Fuze, and will sell for $199, though both claims are still not confirmed.


Author: David Gonzales

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