T-Mobile to turn 3G USB dongles into Wi-Fi routers with new service

Ever felt the need to share the relatively fast 3G mobile broadband access you’re getting from your USB dongle to friends when you’re with them? Well, T-Mobile is looking to allow you to do just that, with a new product and service to be launched in the “next couple of days.”

The plan is to make T-Mobile 3G USB dongles, with the aid of a contraption called the Mobile Broadband Share Dock, full on wireless routers within minutes. New Mobile Broadband Share Docks will be offered bundled with T-Mobile SIM-locked 3G USB dongles that can be used anywhere with a power socket to share 3G Internet access.

This setup should be good for up to three users at a time, and will give each full networking functions such as sharing folders after enduring just a quick setup wizard.

The concept alone is desirable, but the price should make you break into smile as well. The Mobile Broadband Share Dock will cost £20 or about $35 USD a month, under an 18-month contract. The USB dongle will be bundled free.

Via Pocket Lint

Author: David Gonzales

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