Nokia: Digital music to account for half of worldwide music market by 2010

Despite the presence of old-time players in the music market, the most notable of which is Apple with its iTunes Music Store, Nokia is very optimistic about its recently launched “Comes With Music” service in the UK. Though late in its entry, Nokia believes they will be the leading vendor in the music service industry with the help of Comes With Music.

In a recent presentation event the company held in Singapore, it told the audience that digital music is about to grow sharply, and will likely account for half of the entire world’s music market by 2010.

Nokia cites no specifics, but perhaps they view their current stature of having the largest market share of mobile phones out in the world as their advantage, and that it would greatly help that they already have their “music players” out in the hand of prospective customers before they even begin selling digital music.

Via DigiTimes

Author: David Gonzales

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