Vodafone Unleashes “Books on Mobile”

Putting e-books on your mobile phone is nothing new. E-book readers have been around for a while now, and audio books are readily available for most mobile phones. Interestingly enough, however, they have only been available through third-party apps — until now.

Naturally, Vodafone wants to get a piece of that pie now. This morning the mobile provider announced a “Books on Mobile” service in partnership with GoSpoken.com. This particular website will allow Vodafone customers to purchase and download audio books — and e-books within the next two weeks.

GoSpoken.com will offer these downloads in an easily accessible catalog.

“Our customers want simplicity and services that are easy to select, buy and use,” said Mike Eaton, director of content at Vodafone UK. “Today with our new price plans Vodafone customers have the confidence to browse the internet on mobile for as long as they need with no extra costs when sampling or downloading the latest book releases.”

Obviously a data plan will be necessary to facilitate the downloads; word is that most books will be priced between £5 and £15, and any books you buy will be charged to your wireless bill.

While this is not anything new or groundbreaking, it is further evidence that more and more customers are progressively using their device to its fullest. We hope the trend continues and our mobile phone providers will find new creative ways of getting the most out of our handsets.

via Pocket-Lint

Author: Brad Molen

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