LG Opens Developer Network

The future of cell phone technology is currently trending towards an emphasis on mobile applications. Some of the big players in the industry, such as Apple, Blackberry and T-Mobile, have released app stores or announced plans to set them up. LG has now announced their plans to set up a network for developers.

According to TelecomKorea, LG recently set up the LG Mobile Developer Network which will assist developers in collecting data, downloading SDKs, and making proposals for new applications.

All the materials are available for download through LG’s website. Everything is Java-based and open source to make the process easier for the developer.

I predict that most major players in the industry will follow this trend in the near future. By opening their platforms up for development it will only make the platform and the products that run on it that much more attractive to potential customers. Apple was the big facilitator of this movement with the introduction and major success (despite the now-lifted restrictions on developers) of its App Store. Customers are finding a large amount of practical use in such a store, and can become a source of added revenue for these companies that offer this service.

via TelecomsKorea

Author: Brad Molen

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