Samsung i770 Spy Pics Emerge

And out of the darkness, in the light of Howard Forums, appears two brand new spy pics of the forthcoming Samsung i770 smartphone. No word on if these are official but the pictures do look genuine.

The i770 is the natural successor of the Samsung i760, which is compared to the i770 in both pictures. We find that the i770 is longer, yet thinner. Is it better to be thinner and longer versus thicker and shorter? Personally when I am faced with a decision between two phones I typically am more interested in the thinner phone — I am not a fan of bulk.

News of the i770 “Saga” came out in the early summer with word that we could expect release of this phone on Verizon in Q3 of this year. Sadly (or happily, depending on how one looks at it) we have recently seen Q3 come to an end. So when can we expect this phone to make an appearance?

Not so sure at this point. The release date hybrid CDMA/GSM smartphone with WinMo 6.1 is still lying in a vault deep in the midst of Verizon’s offices, but we are continually scoping all of the latest breaking news in an effort to find out for you.

Is it worth the wait? Sound off — let us know what you think about this anticipated smartphone.

via HowardForums

Author: Brad Molen

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