Sony Ericsson extends deal with Wayfinder, new GPS-enabled phones on the way

Sony Ericsson has packed GPS into it handsets only starting this year. But the company, through the voice of Rikko Sakaguchi, its Corporate Vice President and Head of Creation and Development, said that GPS-enabled phones have an ongoing increased importance in its portfolio of products.

That’s why, today, Sony Ericsson and Wayfinder announced  they have extended their partnership and will bring “a richer, longer term navigation offering” to current and future SE handsets. Which means that, alongside Xperia X1, C905, G705 and the few other Sony Ericsson GPS-enabled handsets, there will be new ones to pack complete navigation solutions.

Sony Ericsson and Wayfinder have already pre-loaded the Wayfinder Navigator, as a three-month trial, on several phones, including the W760 Walkman slider, the C702 and the already mentioned C905.   

Wayfinder Navigator is an affordable mobile navigation solution that lets users download Tele Atlas maps for over 70 countries from around the world. Apparently, Wayfinder Navigator allows you to elude hefty data roaming costs, so it seems to be a good-to-have application.

Well, I’m curious now about the upcoming GPS-ready Sony Ericsson phones, and you probably are too. But I guess we have to wait until the company goes official with them. Or at least one of them. 

Via Wayfinder  

Author: Ilinca Nita

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