Firefox for Mobile alpha coming to Nokia N810 initially

Well, folks, it’s official–sort of. Mozilla’s VP of mobile Jay Sullivan has spoken, and according to him, the first mobile Firefox alpha, which we’ve told you about in an earlier post, will be coming as early as next week, but only for the Nokia N810.

Why the Nokia N810, you ask? Well, it’s one of Nokia’s best and most famous devices ever, and it has one feature that many of its Nseries brothers and sisters don’t: a touchscreen. Firefox for Mobile will have a touch UI, of course, and the Nokia N810 should be suitable for this.

What’s more, Firefox for Mobile a.k.a. “Fennec,” will feature some of the same stuff you’ll be able to find on its desktop counterpart. So what better device to launch its first alpha on than one that can run an open-source operating system even before the official release? Android on the Nokia N810, anyone?

So what exactly do we mean when we say that the “same stuff you’ll be able to find on its desktop counterpart” is present on Firefox for Mobile? Well, the awesome AWESOME BAR is one. It’s that intuitive browser address bar feature that remembers more than just the URLs you type on it or visit. Sullivan also mentioned that Mozilla aims to “encourage developers to check out existing Firefox add-ons and create new ones especially for Fennec.”

Lastly, Sullivan says that an alpha version for Windows Mobile is in the works, and it should be released in the next few months. This will be part of about two or three more alpha releases, before the first beta is released some time in 2009. The iPhone wasn’t mentioned, but hey, you can pray.

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