Nokia to launch new “something” on October 13

Nokia has gone live with a new teaser website, Somebody Else’s Phone, which promises to unveil something on October 13, at 8 PM. That “something” might seem to be a new handset, since the website shows us a slider and a text that currently says “This phone will unlock in 2 days, 15 hours”.

But that slider is no new phone. It’s the Nokia 7610 Supernova, presented by the Finns back in June, alongside with several other Supernova models. The 7610 is already on the market, so I can’t stop wondering: what’s the catch here?  Why would an existing phone need to be “unlocked”?

My hunch is that Nokia might come up with some sort of new service.

The Somebody Else’s Phone campaign is revolved around the phrase “my phone knows everything about me”. Also, a question is raised: if you find someone else’s phone, would you look through it, even though it might contain messages, pics and videos that are way too personal?

There are three videos related to Nokia’s upcoming unveiling, each of them presenting random images from the lives of Anna, Jade and Luca, three characters that sure throw  a shade of mystery over all this. There are also three websites,, and, but all of them redirect to the Somebody Else’s Phone website.   

So, in the end, the only sure thing is that Nokia will launch something on Monday, October 13. We’ll be here to let you know what that is.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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