Sony Ericsson W305 Yao for an early 2009 launch?

You can file this under the “Saturday rumors” category, but it looks like Sony Ericsson has yet another mid to low end Walkman handset that might be launched in March 2009.  

This is said to be the Walkman version of the gaming phone F305: same slider design and similar features. So it will apparently be called Sony Ericsson W305, going by the codename Sony Ericsson Yao.   

Sony Ericsson W305 should feature a 176 x 220 pixels display, a 2 MP camera, stereo speakers and a glossy finish on the front, similar to the one of Sony Ericsson S302. The main difference between W305 and F305 will not only be the Walkman branding, but also the lack of gaming buttons on the W305 (i.e. the O and X keys found above F305’s display).   


(this is a mockup of how I imagined Sony Ericsson W305 to look like)

Well, SE already has a W302 and a W350, so why not something in between? As long as it has a reasonable price and it works OK, W305 can’t be a bad move from Sony Ericsson.

We’ll bring more on this W305 Yao when further details emerge.

Via SEMC and Cell Phone Sail

Author: Ilinca Nita

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