Nokia’s Somebody Else’s Phone web site now with live content

I received notice that Nokia’s web site called Somebody Else’s Phone was already live today, so I decided to check it out and give it a few minutes of quality time. I sat through the long loading times for the phones of all three “somebody’s” up there, and now here are my thoughts.

Upon entering the web site Somebody Else’s Phone, you will be greeted by photos of Jade, Lucas, and Anna. Currently written under Jade’s column is “26 unread messages,” “10 unread messages” under Lucas, and “25 unread messages” under Anna. Clicking on the photo of any of them will take you to that person’s phone, where you can view a number of other things aside from these unread messages.

I don’t know where you would have pointed your mouse and clicked, but I wasted no time in checking out the phone of the blonde one called Anna. Here it is pictured, with various items such as a “Voicemail from Mum,” messages to/from her boyfriend, and a bunch of random photos from her photo gallery.

You can pan through the content on her phone and even zoom in to see it full screen, while a timeline that’s currently marked October 13th can be found beneath it. Apparently, the items on their phones will be updated day after day, though it’s not clear for how long.

To the far left of Anna’s phone, there’s a vertical list of links that appear as follows:

  • Live Feed
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Music
  • Features

As you might’ve guessed, the Contacts, Calendar, and Music links are used to refer to the features of the phone itself, while the Live Feed link will show the latest items available on it. At the very bottom of the list is a link called “Features” that brings up the highlights of Anna’s phone (a Nokia 7610 SuperNova).

After spending a few minutes sifting through Anna’s phone and not finding anything that’s even remotely intriguing (aside from this MMS here), I think Somebody Else’s Phone is just another unconventional way Nokia has thought up to promote its handsets. In this case, it’s the Nokia 7610 SuperNova. Good job on the marketing there, Nokia. Here’s to hoping you add more “drama” to Somebody Else’s Phone for, well, an even better experience.

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