Tap Tap Tap splitting up up up, offers Where To iPhone app for bidding

Wondering what ever had happened to those awesome devs that brought Tap Tap Tap to your iPhone? Well, I could tell you a lot about their situation, writing down a few lenghty paragraphs to let you know how they’re doing, but I think it would be best if I summed it all up in two words: they’ve split.

Yep, unfortunately, Tap Tap Tap developers and long time friends John Casasanta and Sophia of Sophiestication have decided to call it quits, after having arguments that “ranged from the amount of money and effort to put into advertising and marketing to the design of the apps themselves.”

That doesn’t mean that their company will just fade off of the map, though, especially when they have one of the most successful iPhone apps ever, and a several new ones also poised for success or are already in development.

In a nutshell, Sophia will now be publishing iPhone apps under her own brand, called Sophiestication, and the first ones will be Tipulator, I’m Here and Groceries. Mike will continue with Tap Tap Tap and “a bunch of apps that [they] had in early development but hadn’t announced as of yet.”

They’re also going to offer another successful iPhone app of theirs called Where To for sale, promising to offer full details of the sale to interested parties “soon.”

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Author: David Gonzales

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