AT&T pushing to make third-party devices work on its wireless network

The man behind AT&T exclusive U.S. iPhone deal with Apple, Glenn Lurie, has now set his eyes on new prey: third-party devices that should be made compatible with AT&T’s own cellular network.

The third-party devices in question include everything you can think of, from computers and digicams to car-navigation and entertainment systems, according to a report from Reuters. Lurie is looking to promote the inclusion of cellular links in these said devices, so that its users can be connected whenever, wherever.

Though this might sound like a great idea at first, it’s not exactly free of roadblocks to execution. First, many companies might not like the fact that AT&T will have a say in what features will and will not be included in their devices, as is the norm with handsets being released under carrier brand names. Also, Verizon Wireless and Sprint run networks that aren’t compatible with AT&T’s GSM network, so a standard has to be decided upon first.

But if AT&T ever manages to get this thing going, it could quite possibly revolutionize the way we use our mobile devices.

Via Reuters

Author: David Gonzales

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