Motorola working on “Android Social Networking SmartPhone”

Motorola has released several phone models recently, and practically none of them have been able to pique the general public’s interest. But if you recall, it was revealed a few weeks back that the company was forming a 350-person team to work on Android, and now we finally have more info on that front.

Apparently, the people in charge of recruiting staff for Moto’s projects either have loose lips or its equivalent in typing, because according to a job posting found on Coroflot, Motorola is working on a “new Android Social Networking SmartPhone.” Yep, that’s about as much beans as one innocent staff recruiter can spill. But there’s more!

The posting goes:

As a Senior Staff Interaction Designer, you will be responsible for leading and actively participating in the concept, design, documentation and development of user interfaces for our mobile products including our new Android Social Networking SmartPhone. You’ll lead brainstorming and work sessions, usability and innovation reviews and other forums of design development. In addition to your primary responsibility in the delivery of great design, you will also be expected to mentor other designers, bringing your personal strengths to the rest of the team.

It’s nice to know that Motorola is actively working on one of the few viable alternatives to the iPhone, but social networking? That just doesn’t seem to fit Moto’s music-inclined ROKR and all business, all the time MING profiles. But oh well, at least they’ve got something up their sleeve.

Via Android Guys

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