Nokia N79 passes through FCC

As with all upcoming phones, the Nokia N79 has to be tested and certified by the FCC in the U.S. if it’s ever to go on sale there. Well, thankfully, it just did, and guess what? It passed.

But it’s not like that wasn’t expected. After all, Nokia has slaved away at this phone for God knows how long, and supported frequencies should be a cinch for them to cover since they’ve equipped this thing with a whole bunch of high technology including its intriguing new way of changing user themes by swapping the back cover.

So far, we’ve only been able to see the Nokia N79 in a white flavor, with only the back cover that seems to be dished in different colors. In this case it’s a lighter shade of blue. Anyway, since this cat’s out of the FCC’s bag now, it should be available some time soon.

Via Engadget Mobile

Author: David Gonzales

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