T-Mobile’s HTC G1 now shipping, could arrive ahead of schedule

For those who have pre-ordered a unit of the first Android-powered smartphone ever, the T-Mobile G1, October 22nd can’t come any sooner. And while it would be great for the pre-ordered units to arrive on schedule, wouldn’t it be nice if T-Mobile could somehow make them arrive even earlier?

Well, if the word on the street holds true, then we might just be seeing the first retail T-Mobile G1s by October 17th in the hands of customers, a full work-week ahead of its October 22nd schedule.

So if you’re one of the many geeks who have pre-ordered the T-Mobile G1, go ahead and check on the status of your order because it could already be shipping and you don’t even know it. Now sure if the units scheduled for an October 30th release in the UK have anything to do with this, though.

Phandroid via BGR

Author: David Gonzales

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