iPhone App Review: Flycast

Joining the ranks of Pandora and Simplify Media, the subject of today’s iPhone App Review is Flycast. Flycast is a mobile broadcast service that offers over 1,000 channels comprising internet radio stations as well as other digital channels.

Flycast offers certain shows in video, on top of the thousands of shows, webcasts and channels listed. With so many channels on there, the challenge was in ease of use; Flycast succeeded in passing this challenge, as the user interface is very easy to figure out.

At first look it would seem this is just like any other app or service that offers streaming internet radio. But it certainly has a few differences. Flycast offers some unique features that sets it apart from other internet radio apps out there.

– Web accessibility feature that allows you to listen to your audio stream via Safari browser instead of the native app, enabling you to perform other tasks at the same time.

– Bookmarking your favorite stations to easily return to them.

– In case you get into a show halfway through, Flycast has a feature that allows you to start certain channels (talk radio, for example) at the top of that hour so you don’t miss anything.

– Search for stations that play a specific artist, or search through any Shoutcast station.

– The opportunity to skip songs on certain channels.

– Nice little battery conservation tool that can be activated in the settings.This tool pre-buffers the audio stream well ahead of what you’re currently listening to.

I had the opportunity to download this application recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. Flycast offers an extensive amount of material for every genre, whether it be news, politics, sports, or music. I went from listening to some of my favorite music to listening to the ESPN broadcasts I missed yesterday.

I found setup to be quite easy; to get signed on, simply go into the settings and set up a user name and password, and you’re ready to go. There were some connection issues, but they were few and far between and I couldn’t tell if it was due to my WiFi connection or caused by the app itself.

Overall the experience has been good. While it will not replace Pandora or Simplify Media, it does add to it and gives me one more reason to enjoy my iPhone.

Author: Brad Molen

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