RIM to come with a Bold-like touchscreen BlackBerry plus a US HSDPA Storm

RIM’s BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Storm are surely two smartphones that will reach the hands of many, many users. The Bold is already out in lots of markets and it’s quite a success.

Well, it seems that RIM wants to come with even more high-end smartphones in the near future.

BGR says that the Canadian manufacturer already has a handset that kind of looks like the Bold but comes with a touchscreen, in addition to the QWERTY keyboard.

The mega-blurry pic from below lets us actually see how this Bold-meets-touchscreen smartphone looks like:


I say it’s pretty. Not the blurriness.    

Apart from the Bold-like device, RIM will also come up with a Storm-like one. This should support US HSDPA frequencies, unlike the Storm that Verizon got. It might be announced at WES 2009 (May 5 – May 7) and launched in the second half of next year.   

One of these new RIM smartphones will apparently be called BlackBerry 9900, but it’s not clear yet which one of them. 

Author: Ilinca Nita

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