Mozilla Fennec’s first alpha released for Nokia N810, Windows, OS X and Linux

Great news for those who have been waiting for the first alpha release of Mobile Firefox (a.k.a. Fennec) for the Nokia N810. Apparently, Mozilla was just reached milestone 9 with Fennec, and they have now released mobile builds for the Maemo-based Nokia N800 and N810 Internet tablets.

What’s more, Fennec is also available for download and use on one’s own desktop, whether it be using a Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. Yep, you can test Mobile Firefox on your desktop at the same time you can on your mobile.

This first release is called “User Experience” alpha, and according to Mark Finkle who’s currently part of the team working on Fennec, “We really want to get Fennec in front of as many people as possible and get feedback.”

There’s no telling how soon (or how long before Fennec goes into its first beta, but what’s sure now is that almost anybody can try it out if they want, as instructions to install on mobile devices are available here, and its desktop versions are available for download here (Windows), here (OS X), and here (Linux).

Via mark finkle’s weblog

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