Motorola’s Android-based social-networking phone to be released Q2 2009

While other companies are busy perfecting their craft (read: making more and more touchscreen phones), Motorola is out to do something new with the recently unveiled Google Android smartphone platform. It’s now a known fact that Motorola is indeed working on something that’s going to use Android, and that it will have some sort of social-networking feature pre-loaded/built-in, but now we have even more info about it, with a little bit of preliminary specs, even.

If a report from Business Week is to be believed, Motorola is currently preparing a follow-up Android-based device to the T-Mobile G1, and that spec sheets and photos of the said phone are already making the rounds to carriers around the world “in the past two months.” It is also said that Motorola is likely to introduce this mystery smartphone “sometime in the second quarter of 2009.”

While we here at Unwired View have been unable to snag any live pics of Motorola’s upcoming Android-based smartphone, rumors put it on a more favorable position than the HTC made T-Mobile G1 in terms of design. Also according to Business Week’s report, it will “feature a touch screen about the size of those on Apple’s iPhone,” and “takes some of the design cues from Krave ZN4” (pictured) but comes with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

While no definitive launch date has been announced and its official selling price is still unknown, Motorola’s Android-based phone is believed to be on track for at least a Q2 2009 launch date, for a price that’s less like that of the T-Mobile G1, and more like the recently announced Motorola Krave ($150 on a 2-year contract).

Via Business Week

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