Nokia S60 application development now enhanced by Qt

Developing for Nokia’s S60 on Symbian OS just got better. Why? Because Qt Software has just announced that Qt has finally been ported for S60 devices, which according to Qt’s press relese, “makes it easy for developers to create applications once and then deploy them on any of the Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows CE, Windows Mobile and embedded Linux platforms.”

“Qt,” pronounced “cute,” is “a cross-platform application framework” by definition. Qt enables developers to write applications once and deploy them across many desktop and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code. It should be a very useful tool.

Qt can be used to either create applications and user-interfaces or even entire Qt-based devices from scratch. There’s a so-called “S60 Technology Preview” available for download right now that contains QtCore, QtTest, QtGui and QtNetwork, as well as documentation and examples and demos. Open source and commercial licenses are available from their web site, linked below.

Via Trolltech

Author: David Gonzales

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