Sprint now offering LG Lotus, Samsung Rant and Samsung Highnote

Sprint’s fall lineup of phones should have any person serious about text messaging drooling. Why? Just take a look at these texter-friendly phones and see for yourself. From left to right, these are the Samsung Rant, Samsung Highnote, and LG Lotus, all of which are now available from Sprint like the title says.

The first model in this trio of text fanatic friends is the Samsung Rant, and comes with a full-on sliding QWERTY keyboard. Not that we haven’t seen that before, but hey, at $49.99 on a contract, it’s a bargain. Red and black are the available colors.

The Highnote is the second handset here that bears the Samsung name, and aside from that funky round d-pad found at center, it features stereo speakers with its dual-sliding mechanism. It costs $99.99 on a contract in colors red and blue.

Finally, LG breaks the monotony of sliders with the flat, flipping LG Lotus. Unlike many other clamshell phones, it features a QWERTY keyboard that, once again, should be a fine instrument for texting. Available colors are purple and black, and it goes for $149.99 on a standard contract.

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