E Ink concept makes the cellphone quite remarkable

Here at Unwired View, cellphone concepts come and go. But I think this idea for an E-ink phone by designer Anthony Reed will manage to stick. You see, this E-ink phone doesn’t look half as imaginative as many other concepts that we’ve covered here before, and yet when you think about it, something like it will still be very hard to produce.

The phone itself seems to be of a regular candybar design. But what’s different is that its display will be splattered with E-ink, and as such all the text, images, and probably other graphics will be rendered in plain black and white.

The outer casing looks like it’s made from solid metal, and even has a couple of hardware buttons seen here on its right side. While it’s definitely not the most creative way to approach cellphone concept making, making this usable enough to be a mainstream product will surely be a challenge for anyone who dares to make it.

Via Yanko Design

Author: David Gonzales

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