iPhone App Review: Rulerphone

For the next entry in our continuing iPhone app review series, we take a look at Rulerphone. Rulerphone is one of the latest emerging apps that measure distance. This particular app utilizes the camera to do the measuring.

Use of the app is pretty simple. All you need in order to make it work is an item that’s the same size as a credit card. Hold it up to the object you’re trying to measure and take the picture, keeping the card centered as much as possible. Then, position the object by aligning the card with the blue box on the screen. The box can be rotated to fit your card, if necessary.

opening screen Rulerphone

Once positioned, tell the app to lock the picture where it’s at and you will be free to measure both the distance from the phone to the desired object, or even measure the distance between two points on the photo itself (see next two screenshots).

By choosing to save the measurement, a screenshot will be saved to your photo library, giving you the ability to make a quick reference whenever necessary.

Two versions of Rulerphone 2.0 are available for download. The full version sells for $2.99 and will allow you to take measurements from up to 12 feet away, while the free version will only let you take them from 1.5 feet away. Whichever version fits your fancy, it’s certainly worth a look. I may not personally have a lot of use for this particular app, but it will certainly help out many of you.

You can get more information from Rulerphone’s website, or go here to download it from the iTunes Store.

Author: Brad Molen

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