RIM’s own App Store: BlackBerry Application Storefront, ready in March 2009

Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market will soon have a sibling coming from Canada to the joy of BlackBerry users.

Research in Motion has officially announced the upcoming launch of BlackBerry Application Storefront, a virtual market for all that’s new in terms of BlackBerry applications and software.

The storefront is planned for a March 2009 launch. Until then, RIM invites developers to submit their applications starting December 2008.     

Like the App Store and the Android Market, BlackBerry Application Storefront will allow owners of BlackBerry smartphones to discover, purchase and even upgrade apps. 

RIM has also announced the launch of BlackBerry Application Center, which will complement the storefront as an on-device solution to explore the applications.


Developers will be able to set their own prices for the apps, with 80% of the revenues  coming to them (so RIM gets 20%). A PayPal system will apparently be deployed, as to ease the way customers buy applications.  

The BackBerry manufacturer is already in talks with unnamed mobile carriers for launching the new app storefront and center onto its smartphones.  

RIM has outed a BlackBerry Application Storefront webpage, but for the moment there’s not much to see there.  

Author: Ilinca Nita

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