Samsung i907 Epix Now at AT&T

I don’t know about you, but I am loving this time of year! Not just because of the holiday season but also because of the cool phones that come out during the holiday season. Yesterday we started seeing them come into the stores, but today we got word that the Samsung i907, aka the Epix, is officially for sale at AT&T.

The Epix is essentially a Blackjack 2 but with a lot of extra features, such as Windows Mobile 6.1 professional — nice to have because it comes with a touchscreen — as well as an optical mouse, 2.0 MP camera, Video Share, WiFi and GPS. I really like the specs on this one. The touchscreen offers haptic feedback.

I had the opportunity to check out the optical mouse yesterday, and while it definitely takes some getting used to, it’s a lot more effective than the spin wheel on the Blackjack 2 by far. And a lot more fun to use. It feels more like a mini trackpad from a laptop.

The Epix is available both online and at stores for $199 with contract and after mail-in rebate.

via AT&T

Author: Brad Molen

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