Shazam app for Android comes with access to MySpace and Amazon MP3

Only one day ahead of the official T-Mobile G1 release date, Shazam, a London-based mobile music discovery provider, has announced the launch of an Android application that will let users discover (via MySpace) and buy (via Amazon MP3) music.  

Shazam says that its technology lets users identify songs by holding a mobile phone towards the track they want to discover. Something like Sony Ericsson’s TrackID recognition system, it seems.  

The price of Shazam’s Android app was not yet announced. But future T-Mobile G1 owners will be the first to find it out, since the application will probably be made available via the Android Marketplace.


“Shazam on the Android platform extends the music recognition experience for our users, enabling them to create their own unique music journey by discovering and connecting with new artists, and quickly purchasing songs using their mobile device at the point of inspiration” said Shazam’s CEO Andrew Fisher.

Shazam has already released a similar app for iPhone, downloaded more than 1.5 million times, according to the company. Will the Android Shazam application reach millions of downloads too? That, of course, depends on how many Android handsets are sold, but I guess the app can’t be a non-successful one, right? Especially since there will be many more Android smartphones to succeed the G1.

Via Business Wire      

Author: Ilinca Nita

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