Four new Pantech phone concepts to feed your geeky dreams

Pantech, South Korea’s third largest handset manufacturer, is doing well both in its home country and in the US, especially since it has recently announced two new phones for AT&T.

But we’re not going to talk about AT&T’s phones right now, although I’m sure many of its subscribers would wish to have at least one of the devices presented below.

The Pantech Design Community, comprised of 20 college students, has showcased four new concept phones that Pantech might, someday, build.

The first concept is called Coralliform Water. Obviously inspired by the sea and its life, the phone is a slider that somehow looks like a budding flower, when closed. No tech specs were given, but the Coralliform Water seems to have a touchscreen display and a camera.

This phone would especially look good in a lady’s hands and, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind having one. Not at all. Here it is:

Easter Moai, the second new Pantech concept, is designed to express the “multifaceted nature of human beings”. It has a “wave” touchscreen LCD, a touch key, a dome key and lots of other keys on its sides, put there to increase the phone’s functionality.

The Easter Moai can also be attached to some sort of support, of unknown purpose:

Recy_Q is a full-touch phone that also has a sliding QWERTY keyboard. the device features touch keys that are embedded into its metal frame, for an easier control over its User Interface. Recyclable material should be used for the case and the keypad.

I’m not sure about how those tiny “wings” of it would feel in hand, but the phone surely looks good:

Softy Lofty, the fourth new Pantech concept, is the weirdest of them all. I can’t figure out where the display of this phone is. Anyway, the handset is designed “to offer as much visual and emotional comfort as possible” and to emit a vague light when re-charged:

So, apart from this last concept, the other three ones look like they could soon be in stores, probably in South Korea first. But this is all up to Pantech and its manufacturing plans.

Via Telecoms Korea

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • Kyle

    Wow that last concept phone has such a weird form to it.

  • Ilinca

    Yeah. And I still don't know how exactly would it function.
    Perhaps if I'll learn Korean…

  • Ilinca

    Yeah. And I still don't know how exactly would it function.
    Perhaps if I'll learn Korean…