Google releases My Location with Wi-Fi

Starting to get the hand of being able to pinpoint your location on the map with Google Maps for Mobile and the trusty old celly, are we? Well, you can count on even more accuracy with regards to your location, as Google has now released a feature called My Location with Wi-Fi, which would enable anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled device to find out their locations using nearby Wi-Fi access points.

In a blog post, Google puts it this way: “Since the range of a Wi-Fi access point is smaller than that of a cell phone tower, this often results in a much more accurate position.” Which is right, since Wi-Fi APs often only cover about a hundred meters in most places.

BlackBerry users will be the first ones to get a taste of this Wi-Fi goodness, simply by downloading the latest version of Google Maps for Mobile, while other mobile platforms (even Google’s own Android) will be getting their share of My Location with Wi-Fi soon.

Also, while Google promises that “Wi-Fi-based location is available in many major cities around the world,” they also say that “coverage and accuracy will vary.” So don’t get antzy if in case you don’t manage to use this new feature right away.

Via Google Mobile Blog

Author: David Gonzales

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