Google intros Gmail for mobile 2.0

Google announced today that Gmail for mobile has reached version 2.0 and it’s available for download.

The application is compatible with most J2ME and BlackBerry handsets. It can be downloaded if you point your mobile browser to and it is, of course, free of charge.

Gmail for mobile 2.0 is now available in more than 35 languages and brings a set of welcomed improvements said to make the mobile email experience faster, as well as more reliable.

The new version of mini Gmail also features:

  • Multiple accounts management – you can switch between Gmail and Google Apps email accounts
  • Multiple mobile email drafts – several email drafts can be saved for later sending.
  • Offline support – even if you don’t have a signal, you can still read recent mails and compose new ones
  • Powerful shortcut keys – these work only for handsets that have QWERTY keyboards. For example, you can hit “k” for a new conversation, “j” to go to an older conversation or “z” to undo

Here’s a video presentation with Gmail for mobile 2.0: 

Source: Google Mobile Blog

Author: Ilinca Nita

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