AT&T finally offers free Wi-Fi for all iPhone users

Since Starbucks started offering 2 hours of free AT&T Wi-Fi to its customers a few months back, there hasn’t been much free Wi-Fi love for AT&T customers in the United States. But that’s about to change, because AT&T has just officially announced the availability of free Wi-Fi for iPhone users in all of its hotspots across the U.S.

FREE AT&T Wi-Fi access is also available at U.S. company-operated Starbucks locations equipped with a hotspot. That should make surfing the Web or using Web-connected iPhone apps a whole lot easier.

AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots are located in the following:

  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Universities
  • Convention Centers
  • Sports Centers
  • Starbucks locations
  • Restaurants
  • Bookstores
  • Supermarkets

That pretty much covers every place the typical iPhone user could be lurking in. But now, let’s make sure this offer is for good, shall we AT&T?

Author: David Gonzales

I run the blogosphere.

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