Nokia E63 makes live appearance at Symbian Smartphone Show

The days of us thinking that the Nokia E72 is the Nokia E63 are long gone. We’ve distiguished that the Nokia E63 is, in fact, a different handset, and that it will be a somewhat cheaper version of the Nokia E71.

It was last seen residing in the bag of a Symbian Smartphone Show atendee, and fortunately, the guys from over at Mobile Industry Review have got the video hands-on to prove it. The Nokia E63 looks like a fine device on photos, but it’s not made from the same stainless steel materials as the E71 or E66. “It looks like an E71, but it’s plastic,” is what someone at the Symbian Smartphone Show says about it.

Watch MIR’s Nokia E63 hands on video below:

Mobile Industry Review via Engadget Mobile

Author: David Gonzales

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