First commercial WiMAX network in Africa to be built by ZTE

Commercial WiMAX network deployment across the world hasn’t exactly been widespread, and the same can be said for the African continent. However, Africa will get its first commercial WiMAX network set up soon, courtesy of a deal between China’s ZTE and Mauritanian telecom operator Chinguitel.

Financial details of the deal have not been disclosed, but as far as the contract is concerned, ZTE will be the one providing core network equipment, wireless access equipment and various communication terminal devices for indoor and outdoor use. It’s an exclusive deal that will start out in Mauritania but should eventually extend to other countries in the African continent.

As for Chinguitel, they are preparing to establish a CDMA and WiMAX integrated network infrastructure in this first-time collaboration with Chinese telecom equipment giant ZTE. The end product will be the first 2.5 GHz mobile WiMAX commercial network in Africa.

Via China Tech News

Author: David Gonzales

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