Google launches mobile voting locator tool for the US elections

The 2008 US presidential elections are coming next week, on November 4, and Google thought it would be nice if a voting locator tool for mobile phones existed.  

So, obviously, the big G has just launched such a tool, which is available online, at, or it can be sent directly to your phone if you hit this link.

Google says that the new mobile tool allows you to find out the voting location of any registered voter, just by entering his or her home address. Thus, this is a tool that can mainly help volunteers who are sent out by political parties to encourage citizens to vote.

You can use Google Maps for mobiles, in conjunction with the new tool, to get directions to voting locations.

The mobile voting locator tool from Google also provides links with the latest election news, as well as with info about both nominees: Barack Obama and John McCain.

All I can say now is: may the best man win on November 4.

Via Google Mobile Blog

Author: Ilinca Nita

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