Japanese iPhones get mobile TV through Softbank’s new 1-seg tuner

Though you can’t say mobile TV is one of the top missing features of the iPhone 3G, the good folks at Softbank in Japan have cooked up a new 1-seg tuner that enables the said feature anyway, and it all works via the magic of Wi-Fi.

Softbank’s new 1-seg tuner is actually a separate, wireless-enabled device that will first be the one to receive the TV signals, and then retransmits the signals to the iPhone via Wi-Fi, and nothing else. The 1-seg tuner is a rechargeable device itself, and it also works as a pseudo-iPhone dock that will charge it at the same time.

This 1-seg tuner will work for about three hours on a single charge. But how do you control it? There’s a dedicated iPhone app that’s gonna work with it in the near future (it’s scheduled for release in mid-December), with a suggested price of about $100. It doesn’t say if the Wi-Fi streaming 1-seg tuner is at least free, but since it’s hardware, it’ll probably cost a sum too.

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Author: David Gonzales

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