LG Tribe launched exclusively on TIM Italy

Over in Italy, it appears as though operator TIM has scored an exclusive release of LG’s KS360 Messenger phone, which they have gleefully branded as the LG Tribe. As far as I know, “tribe” ain’t no Italian word I ever heard of, but this apparently is the case with this handset here.

Notice the striking resemblance between the LG Tribe and LG KS360. Well, they’re both from the same manufacturer, I’ll give them that. But at a glance, if you were not in Italy, it would be very hard to tell these two identical handsets apart.

Of course, the LG Tribe offers much of the same features and functions, too. There’s a slide-out QWERTY keyboard as can be clearly seen under the 2.4-inch screen, the lower part of its front face houses multiple hot keys while round the back is a built-in 2 megapixel camera.

The rest of the specs are basically the same as those found on the LG KS360. It is also said that the LG Tribe is targeted towards “generation Web 2.0,” which, what do you know? Was also the pitch of the KS360.

It goes for 149 Euros bundled with a Windows Live Messenger service that’s free for two months, and then costs 3 to 6 Euros a month for continued access.

Via Tecnocino

Author: David Gonzales

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