Live Mesh for mobile installation update

Having fun with syncing your data and being able to access them from anywhere with Live Mesh for mobile, are we? Well, it’s people like you that make Microsoft proud. Anyway, there’s something else those folks from Redmond are proud to tell you today, and that’s their Live Mesh for mobile installation update.

The Live Mesh team says they have deployed an updated build of Live Mesh for Mobile, and users who want to switch to it will have to download the new installer by going to The Mobile Installer from the previous link will update your Live Mesh client to the new version, which is version 0.9.3424.6.

Of course, it’s worth remembering that Live Mesh for mobile is provided only on a limited basis in the US and UK. Windows Mobile 6.x users from the US can go here, while UK users go here. It’s a simple process, and just make sure you see a “Use Live Mesh for mobile devices” link to sign in and access Live Mesh for mobile in the future at

Via Live Mesh Blog

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