Verizon Wireless removes option for PAYG data plans for new PDAs/Smartphones

In a fit of trying to squeeze more money out of their web-hungry customers, Verizon Wireless plans to remove all options for Pay As You Go Data plans starting November 14th. A document containing Verizon’s plans for the future in detail has been leaked, and with the information it carries, many will not be pleased.

The exclusive document states: Pay As You Go, 1X Block and 10MB data plan/feature not available for new PDAs/Smartphones devices launched on/after November 14, 2008. And you can take that as it is. Verizon will no longer offer PAYG, 1X Block or 10MB data plans starting on that fateful day. There is a bit of good news, however, in that users of old phones currently using a PAYG data plan won’t be forced to upgrade.

But if those old phone users do upgrade, they will then have no choice but to sign up for a new data plan starting at $29.99 per month.

Also mentioned in the document is an upcoming mandate for plans with select Mobile Web 2.0 phones in 2009. Clearly, this is a ploy to take advantage of users who are currently taking advantage of their phone and network’s mobile offerings, which not many will like, but will have to endure anyway. Well, you can always bail, if you want. But that’s just a suggestion.


Author: David Gonzales

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