FCC approves wireless device usage on white spaces

After all these years of lobbying by tech companies like Motorola, Microsoft, and Google, the FCC has finally approved wireless device usage on white spaces, which will become vacant as soon as broadcasters in the US start the move to digital television next year.

The FCC’s decision was successfully reached today after a vote involving FCC Chairman Kevin Martin and Republican Commissioner Robert McDowell, both of whom are in favor of the use of white spaces to offer wireless services. With this important milestone, companies like Google hope to “encourage innovation in cellular telephones and wireless devices, much as WiFi did.”

But while many consider this to be great news, some are still opposed to the idea, saying that white space usage will only cause interference to broadcasts and wireless mics at live events.

Well, the petition has been approved, and all that’s left now is to see what happens next–whether it be from Google’s, Microsoft’s or any other tech company’s side– Will the FCC’s decision “allow the marketplace to produce new devices and new applications that we can’t even imagine today,” as stated by Commissioner Robert McDowell? We’ll know in due time.

Via Reuters

Author: David Gonzales

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